Mastering the Perfect Push Up: Plus 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Push Ups - One of the most fundamental strength building exercises. Everyone has done them. And there's a reason why push ups are so common. They develop strength in your arms, shoulders, core, back, glutes and more!

But there's one problem...

Most people don't look so great when they do push ups. There's an entire laundry list of mistakes people tend to make during push ups. Improper push up technique can cheat you out of a great workout, or even worse, set you up for injury.

But whether you are an adult Martial Artist, a parent of a child struggling to achieve awesome push ups, or just someone who wants to get fit....


I've got some great tips to help you avoid the four most common push up mistakes.

But first, let's take a second to go over proper push up technique.