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Classes for Ages 6-12

We all want to find the best, most positive influence for our children, to help shape them into confident and capable people. That's why we created "Ninja-Kid Warrior".

Our Ninja-Kid Warrior class is designed to bring out your child's full potential as a ninja athlete and beyond. Each class features obstacles tailored to the student's age, size and ability. Structured classes and our progressive level system keep kids focused and motivated by providing them with safe, guided instruction and achievable goals.  

The Ninja-Kid Warrior curriculum includes:

  • Fundamental strength, agility, endurance, and safety exercises 

  • Parkour running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and vaulting

  • Gymnastic tumbling, flexibility, and balance skills

  • Martial arts break falls, rolling, focus and discipline

  • Ninja Warrior specific obstacle training


Ready to get started?

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  • What is your class schedule?
    The Current Ninja-Kid Warrior schedule is as follows: Tuesday: 5:30pm-6:15pm Thursday: 5:30pm-6:15pm Beginning April 1st: Monday and Wednesday: 4:30pm-5:15pm Tuesday and Thursday: 5:15pm-6:00pm Class times are subject to change. You can also view our full calendar here.
  • How much are classes?
    Ninja-Kid Warrior currently has an online special! Two weeks of unlimited classes and a free T-shirt for $24.95! Sign up here. Following the two week trial period, we have several membership options: Monthly Memberships: 1 Class Per Week: $90.00 2 Classes Per Week: $115.00 3 Classes Per Week: $130.00 Unlimited Classes Per Week: $140.00 Additional Family Member Discount -$10 per month on any membership listed above. 6 Month Prepaid Memberships: 1 Class Per Week: $480.00 2 Classes Per Week: $630.00 3 Classes Per Week: $720.00 Unlimited Classes Per Week: $780.00 Family discounts do not apply to 6 month prepaid membership
  • Where are you located?
    We are located inside the Traditional Martial Arts Center: Tradtitional Martial Arts Center 2220 Hempel Ave. Gotha, FL 34734 (407) 290-8049
  • What ages do you teach?
    Our "Ninja-Kid Warrior" class is designed for kids ages 6-12 years old. If your child does not fall into that range, we also offer martial arts classes for students ages 4-104! Click here for more information about our martial arts classes.
  • Do you offer camps?
    Yes, we offer Summer Camps, Spring Break Camps, and Single Day Camps during certain holidays. Click here for more information about our camps.
  • What should my child wear to class?
    Students should wear their "Ninja-Kid Warrior" T-shirt, black athletic shorts, pants or leggings, and clean athletic shoes. In addition, all students and instructors are required to wear a face covering at this time. Due to safety concerns, long hair should be tied back or braided. All jewelry should be removed. No dresses, skirts, jeans, cargo shorts or other non-athletic clothing is allowed. Students may not be barefoot or wear unathletic shoes (sandals, boots, slippers, open-toed shoes). No gum allowed. Any student who arrives without the proper attire may not be allowed to participate in class.
  • Is "Ninja-Kid Warrior" training safe?"
    Yes! Safety is our primary concern for our "Ninja-Kid Warrior" classes. Our entire training floor in covered in a soft carpet bonded foam. All of our obstacles are designed specifically for the size and ability of children ages 6-12. Also, obstacles are matted or include crash pads wherever possible. Students are taught important safety skills for running, jumping, climbing, and falling safely. In addition, children are always spotted by a trained staff member while attempting new or challenging obstacles.
  • Do you offer after school pick up?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer after school pick up at this time.
  • How does your "Progressive Level System" work?"
    Our progressive level system is directly inspired by martial arts belt ranking systems. Ninja-kids advance through achievement levels at their own pace by demonstrating our core vaules in class and sucessfully learning their required curriculum for each level. There are seven achievement levels, designated by T-shirt color: Level 1: White Level 2: Blue Level 3: Red Level 4: Bronze Level 5: Silver Level 6: Gold Level 7: Black
  • Do you have an open-gym time? Can non-members drop in?
    We do not offer open gym times or drop in classes for non-members. We believe that structured classes are the best way to help you child learn, grow and stay safe.
  • Do you offer Martial Arts classes?
    Yes! We offer Martial Arts Classes for ages 4 and up. Please visit our home page for more information.

Traditional Martial Arts Center

2220 Hempel Ave. 

Gotha, FL 34734

(407) 290-8049

Ninja-Kid Warrior - 2220 Hempel Ave. Gotha, Fl 34734 - (407) 290-8049

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