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Classes for Ages 6-12

We all want to find the best, most positive influence for our children, to help shape them into confident and capable people. That's why we created "Ninja-Kid Warrior".

Our Ninja-Kid Warrior class is designed to bring out your child's full potential as a ninja athlete and beyond. Each class features obstacles tailored to the student's age, size and ability. Structured classes and our progressive level system keep kids focused and motivated by providing them with safe, guided instruction and achievable goals.  

The Ninja-Kid Warrior curriculum includes:

  • Fundamental strength, agility, endurance, and safety exercises 

  • Parkour running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and vaulting

  • Gymnastic tumbling, flexibility, and balance skills

  • Martial arts break falls, rolling, focus and discipline

  • Ninja Warrior specific obstacle training


Ready to get started?

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Traditional Martial Arts Center

2220 Hempel Ave. 

Gotha, FL 34734

(407) 290-8049

Ninja-Kid Warrior - 2220 Hempel Ave. Gotha, Fl 34734 - (407) 290-8049

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