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Hi there!

Welcome to the official TMAC blog. Over the coming days, weeks, months and years this blog will be packed full of great articles and information for all of our TMAC families and friends.

A little bit about me...

I'm Brian Schmidt. One of the Master Instructors here at the Traditional Martial Arts Center. I began training with Master Susan Jackson (our owner) when I was 12 years old. As a young student, I quickly developed a passion for the martial arts.

Around the age of 15 I started assisting in teaching the kids class here at TMAC. Ever since then, I've always loved teaching and helping TMAC in any way I can.

Along the way, I've earned my...

4th Dan Black belt in Tang Soo Do

Aluno Formado in Capoeira

1st Dan in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu

4th Kyu in Aikido

I've also spent hundreds of hours attending and teaching additional martial arts classes, seminars and workshops all around the country.

Alright! Now that you've heard a little about me, I'd love to hear from you.

If you are new here, feel free to send me an email with any questions you might have about our school.

If you are not new, send me an email anyway! I'd love to hear what topics you would like to see covered in this blog.

Thanks again for checking out our official TMAC blog.

I'm excited to get it started. I hope you are too!

- Brian Schmidt

Master Instructor

Traditional Martial Arts Center

2220 Hempel Ave.

Gotha, FL 34734


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