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5 Secret Ingredients of an EXPERT Kids Instructor

Growing up, we all had one...

One of those incredible instructors, teachers, or coaches who seem to have a magical ability to inspire their students. They help us reach above and beyond what we think is possible. They get us to work harder and put in more effort than any other teacher, while making sure we have fun the entire time.

But how do they do it?

How do these amazing individuals constantly improve and encourage their students to become the best they can be? And more importantly, what do you need to look for to make sure your child has one of these awesome instructors in their life?

All of these instructors have a secret recipe….

1. They LOVE Teaching Kids

More than anything else, incredible instructors love teaching children. Why is this so important?

Because kids pick up on it.

Whether it’s in a classroom, on a field, or in the dojo, students can see right away if their instructor is happy to see them and excited to share what they know with them. And when they see it, kids will give the same love back, creating a bond based on mutual caring and respect.

2. They are an Unlimited Fountain of Patience

Kids can sometimes get pretty wild (especially during a full moon).

But no matter how crazy a class gets; a great instructor never loses his patience. Students should always feel safe and secure in their class. And the quickest way to lose that safety and security is to have an angry instructor yell at them.

The instructor should always be the calm and composed leader.

Kids don’t always remember what you say, but they do remember what you do. And they rarely forget how you make them feel.

So, an awesome instructor will always act the way they want their kids to behave.

3. They Create Structure and Teach Responsibility

Young children love structure. This is because they enjoy knowing what is expected of them. The repetition that structure provides helps kids know what’s coming next. A great instructor will use structure to encourage success in their students.

Just like structure, responsibility helps kids know what is expected of them. It also helps kids feel like they are an important part of making the class function. And kids LOVE to feel important. Who doesn’t? A great instructor will know exactly how much responsibility to give a student to challenge but not overwhelm them.

When instructors combine structure and responsibility in just the right way something amazing happens….


And believe it or not, children love discipline when used right.

4. They Know That Kids Aren’t Tiny Adults

An instructor who has mastered the art of teaching children knows that there is a difference between a 4, 7, 10 and 15 year old student. They also know that NONE of them are little adults.

Each age group has their own specific stage of development.

A great instructor has the ability to target a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social strengths and weaknesses. Once an instructor is locked on to each child’s needs, learning becomes laser focused and communication is seamless.

5. They Remember to Have Fun

Parents and teachers may have their own goals for kids in their classes. But, kids usually have one goal in mind more than any other.


When kids stop having fun in class, they won’t want to come back.

This is the same no matter what the subject. It could be soccer, math, swimming, art, or my personal favorite, martial arts. Young students need to enjoy their class to stay engaged.

The best kids instructors know how to use fun as a tool. They know how to weave fun into important lessons. And when students are having fun, they enjoy class. And when students enjoy a class, they will remember lessons much, MUCH better.

Works like magic.

Well, there you have it! The 5 secret ingredients to finding an EXPERT kids instructor.

Sadly, they may not always be the easiest to find.

But, when you do….

You’ll know it!

-Brian Schmidt

Master Instructor

Traditional Martial Arts Center

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