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How Martial Arts Enhances Your Child's Stage of Development: Part 1

Have you ever noticed how many children participate in martial arts these days?

Last I checked, there were and estimated 6 million kids taking martial arts classes in the United States alone! And that number is growing each year.

So, the question you have to ask is...

“Why are so many parents enrolling their children in Martial Arts classes?"

The reason why is because parent’s are recognizing the amazing benefits the martial arts has to offer children, throughout the various stages of their development.

From the moment a child is born, they begin to progress through stages of development. These stages are broken down into four distinct categories: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social (an easy way to remember these categories is to use the acronym P.I.E.S.).

Here’s a quick description of each category:

1. Physical: Movement and motor function skills. Development of speed, strength and coordination.

2. Intellectual: Learning, reasoning, problem solving and understanding concepts.

3. Emotional: Expression of feelings and developing a self-concept.

4. Social: Getting along with and interacting with others, following rules.

The problem is that many people aren’t educated on what to expect from children at different ages.

But, if your child has an Expert Kids Instructor, then he or she will recognize when a child is at, below or above their stage of development for their age. An instructor who can do that will be able to understand exactly how to work with your child to really enhance their leaning and development for their specific age.

This works so well because it eliminates any unnecessary or unrealistic pressure put on the student. And when that type of pressure is gone, it gets rid of a lot of frustration from instructors, students and parents.

When that frustration is gone, it allows a lot of room for growth, no matter if your child is at, below or above their age’s stage of development.

In fact, it works so well that many times, an expert martial arts instructor can take a child who is below their stage of development, and through specific training and exercises, help them excel above and beyond what is expected for their age group!

Pretty cool, right?!

Want to find out more about your child’s specific age and stage of development?

Well you're in luck!

Each week, I’m going to highlight a different age group and how Martial Arts specifically helps their specific stage of development.

So check back next week for one of my favorite ages, 4 Year Olds!

Until then!

-Brian Schmidt

Master Instructor

Traditional Martial Arts Center

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